VITIS Energy manages all aspects of the energy generation and storage process, including:

Site Identification And Evaluation



Financial Analysis


Asset Management

Operations and Maintenance


Our experienced team of engineers, developers, and legal and project finance experts customizes its services to meet the needs of:

Commercial/Industrial Customers

  • Install, operate and maintain energy storage systems at customer’s facilities
  • Provide seamless demand-side management to generate cost savings
  • Provide state-of-the-art energy management software to maximize energy savings

  • Install, operate and maintain utility-scale energy generation and storage facilities at critical grid interconnection points
  • Implement solutions that generate substantial cost savings through the management of wholesale power purchases, shifting demand from high-cost peak periods
  • Use storage systems as a means of transmission or distribution expansion deferment
  • Provide valuable ancillary services for instantaneous frequency and voltage response on demand
Solar and Other Renewable Energy Owners

  • Install, operate and maintain energy storage systems on both new and existing solar arrays or wind energy facilities
  • Implement flexible DC- or AC-coupled energy storage integration methods best tailored to the unique facility design
  • Use storage systems as a means to extend the afternoon shoulder period (for solar), provide ancillary services, or reduce intermittency risk associated with wind or solar resources
  • Take full advantage of existing facilities’ interconnection capacity rights to maximize energy input to the grid at the most commercially advantageous times

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