Solar and Other Renewable Energy Owners


Vitis Energy’s storage solutions can be used as standalone systems or paired with renewable energy projects, such as solar arrays.


  • Increase the energy ultimately delivered by adding an AC-coupled energy storage component to your solar or renewable energy installation.
  • Provide new commercial opportunity through ancillary services, firm capacity payments, and real-time market revenue streams to supplement basic energy output from renewable facility
  • Can be flexibly dispatched for the most economic use cases depending on specific project commercial arrangements
  • Provide a readily available source of backup power for tracking systems or other critical auxiliary power needs



Energy generation and storage provides a source of readily available energy that helps to lower costs, manage peak demands and reduce intermittency risks.


  • Provide a source of low cost, clean and reliable energy
  • Increase power reliability and stability
  • Provide ancillary services (frequency/real power and voltage/reactive power response)
  • Allow for transmission or distribution expansion deferral
  • Reduce customer costs
  • Alleviate grid congestion
  • Enable the grid to accommodate additional renewable energy sources
  • Provide a fuel-neutral hedge during periods of peak demand
  • Save money through better management of wholesale power purchases

Commercial/Industrial Customers


Unexpected outages can wreak havoc on your production schedule and your bottom line. Vitis’ energy solutions help businesses improve power reliability and save money.


  • Provide energy managers with a low- cost, long- term,  fixed- price supply of energy
  • Utilize state-of-the-art tools to better manage energy demand 
  • Maximize energy savings across multiple customer facilities through use of energy management software
  • Generate significant savings through demand-side management tools
  • Enhance operational reliability with no impact on customer operations
  • Seamlessly integrate storage solutions into existing electrical/facility infrastructure through modular installation