The energy industry is changing.
Just as a plant requires regular pruning to flourish and thrive, energy companies must adapt and embrace cleaner, greener technologies.

Vitis Energy was born out of this recognition. Drawing on our experience developing, constructing and operating more than $1.1 billion of highly efficient power generation facilities, the Vitis team employs the most reliable and cost-effective technologies to meet the clean energy needs of our customers.

Our Customers

From municipalities and utilities to electric co-operatives and other wholesale customers, the Vitis team develops customized clean energy solutions that improve power reliability and enhance sustainability.

We strive to be a trusted partner to our customers, delivering exceptional service and cultivating long-term relationships built on transparency, integrity and trust.


The word “vitis” is Latin for a type of flowering vine that bears fruit. By embracing renewable energy and working collaboratively with our partners, we seek to bear fruit for our customers, their communities and the environment.